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School Safety Drills


The State of Michigan passed legislation in July of 2014 requiring schools to conduct five fire drills, two tornado drills and three lockdown drills during each school year. At least one drill must take place during a lunch or recess period when students are outside the classroom. Information about the completed drills must be posted on the school district's website for a minimum of three years.

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School Safety Drills

Current List of Completed Safety Drills







Posted February 26, 2021
Pitco Frialator for Bid
L’Anse Area Schools are presently seeking bids for the sale of a 1987 Pitco Frialator in very good c ...

Posted February 15, 2021
2 Hour Delay ~ Monday, Feb. 15
L'Anse Area Schools will be on a 2 hour delay for Monday, February 15. ...

Posted February 15, 2021
2 Hour Delay ~ Tuesday, Feb. 16
L'Anse Area Schools will be on a 2 hour delay for Tuesday, February 16. ...





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